Streets Aren’t a Concern for Maryville

Maryville is known for Northwest Missouri State University, bad water and horrible streets. If you live here, you probably know all too well how the last two have been consistently ignored and dismissed by the city council.

Our city council will finally shift its focus to streets this week. South Main has been a bottleneck and from three until five in the afternoon, forget about turning into Wal-Mart. Kawasaki employees dominate the roadway.

The problem is the plant is situated with really one access point to the community, which is Main Street. I’m not an engineer or infrastructure expert, but I feel like it doesn’t take one to see there would be this problem years ago when the plant was built.

 I’m sure the focus back then was all wrapped up in the excitement of adding hundreds of jobs the local economy but why didn’t anyone see this issue before?

 Cities pay consulting firms thousands of dollas to examine a project and let them know if they anticipate any potential issues. If that was done, the taxpayers want their money back.

 The Maryville City council will meet on Monday to discuss plans to fix this pressing issue. If Maryville wants to grow, Maryville needs to plan for growth when planning new projects.


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