We all Have a Story to Tell

“Look up Get up and don’t ever give up.”

I love this.

Hall of Fame induction speeches usually go one way or another. The inductee either cries or their speech is full of energy. Not much middle ground.

Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin’s speech, in my opinion, is special. Irvin stood up there and let his emotions flow. After facing adversity his entire career, he finally achieved the ultimate honor for a football player. He told us his story. It was personal. emotional and we could all connect with him. He admitted his mistakes as a father, as a son and as a husband.

He ended his speech with a quote someone had once told him. I remember watching this speech live with my father in 2007. I remember how those last words stood out to me. “Look up, get up and don’t ever give up.” I felt like he was speaking to me. I was that child that never won the races on the blacktop and never did I win the one on one pickup games… but I never gave up.

We face challenges every day as college students. Whether they’re financial, moral or academic, we all have felt like giving up. We all need that one thing in our lives to give us an extra dose of confidence in times of adversity.

We all have a story to tell. Michael Irvin had the confidence to tell his story on national TV. I challenge my classmates to reach inside of themselves and find that one thing they draw upon for strength. I challenge you to have the confidence to tell your story. You never know, something in your life may inspire someone to change and live their lives in a better way.


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